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  • Ryan Faricelli

Changing Lives of Local and Global Children

The international Church of God General Assembly would not be possible without the incredible support of sponsors like BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE.

BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2012, dedicated to helping children globally and locally through volunteer mobilization by way of an annual Christmas tree sale.

Since its founding, BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. has invited churches to join the project with the intent of giving away all of the money raised to help children. Today, churches can become a BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. site and sell Christmas trees to raise money for kids. At the end of the season, 50% of the funds raised during the Christmas tree sale remain in the community in which it was raised, and 50% are used to help children all across the world.

BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE also engages your community and community leaders in a way not possible through typical church events. Participation creates increased awareness of your church in your community and helps to identify and mobilize new volunteers.

Additionally, the money raised is not money competing with weekly church offerings because churches are not primarily asking people to donate. Instead, they are asking their community to buy a Christmas tree from their church instead of a big box retailer. Those monies already being spent in your community are now leveraged to help children globally and locally.

Churches that become a BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. site receive support throughout the project year with products, logistics, training, site support, and coaching. BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. provides access to their online project management site, trademarked logo, Operations Manual, video training resources, promotional materials, photos, and more.

Locally, churches who become a site for BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. determines how their half of the funds raised can best serve the children in their community. Some examples of projects that have been done include backpack giveaways, college scholarships, feeding programs, coats for kids, and mentoring programs like Boys and Girls Clubs. These projects are wonderful because they continue to impact those children’s lives long after the trees are gone!

The half of funds allocated for global use is distributed through organizations in other countries that help children in some of the most challenging places on the planet. These funds help to provide food, housing, education, mentoring, and care.

In 2021 BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. had 59 locations in 17 states mobilizing generosity movements to help children. In partnership with local churches and People for Care and Learning, BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. has raised and given away $5,680,678 to help children!

If you are attending General Assembly, you can find BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. in the Exhibit Hall. For those of you at home, you can learn more from their website at



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