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  • Ryan Faricelli

Lee University Light Bearers

Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, is one of the many sponsors who help make General Assembly possible.

“For more than a century, Lee University has been wholly engaged in providing a transformative educational experience, one that draws on our faith in Christ as a foundation for our work,” said Dr. Mark L. Walker, president of Lee University.

“Lee is an environment that embodies the Christian values, where students are going to continue to grow in their Faith,” explained Dr. Walker. “It's a wonderful academic experience. We look for the best faculty in their discipline, so it's a place where a student is going to be challenged academically and intellectually, where students are going to learn how to articulate and how to communicate. They’re going to learn how to think critically, how to take different viewpoints from all different ideologies, and how to be able to engage those viewpoints from the Christian perspective.

“Lee University is a place where a student is really going to get a well-rounded experience, not to mention the campus life. There is a tremendous number of events that students can be a part of. We have over 100 different clubs and 18 different music ensembles. We also have 18 different athletic teams – there's always some type of athletic event going on.”

“It's a great opportunity to build lifetime friendships and have a great community,” added Dr. Walker. “Even after you graduate from Lee University.

Through these values, experiences, and the environment of personal and spiritual growth, Lee is inspiring their students and asking them to be the light in everything they do.

“We are sending forth light-bearers into all fields of endeavor to lead and serve like Christ for the betterment of all humanity,” said Dr. Walker. “Thus, I believe with all of my heart that the world needs Lee University, because the world is a better place with Lee students in it.

“Let us be light.”

If you would like to read some of the incredible stories of Lee Alumni and the light they are bringing to the world, you can visit

You may also learn more about Lee University in the Exhibit Hall or by visiting their website at



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