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  • Ryan Faricelli

Let Us Be Light

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, has helped make General Assembly possible through their partnership as a sponsor.

Lee University’s history is part of Church of God history, and they are working diligently to empower people to go forth into the world and be light for others as they engage their chosen professions through the call to action, “Let us be light.”

“It is the carrying out of what Lee University has been about from its founding,” explained Dr. Mark L. Walker, president of Lee University. “We started out as a Bible training school, training ministers to be light in the congregations around the world.”

“That vision has now expanded in that we want all of our students to recognize that regardless of their vocation or their calling, this is something that God has put within them,” Dr. Walker continued. “Wherever they are, whether that be in the field of business, education, medicine, law, or even in ministry, they are the light of Christ on the Earth.”

“We want our students to understand that they have been empowered by God,” said Dr. Walker. “They have been equipped and infused by God with these callings and vocations and gifts to go into every field of endeavor and not only do their jobs with excellence, but also to be able to articulate in a very humble, respectful, yet confident and bold way, why they believe what they believe.

“We are about preparing students for responsible Christian living in a complex world,” Dr. Walker concluded. “Responsible Christian living has the calling of the relationship with God through Jesus Christ, the highest calling of all humanity. We want our students to know what that relationship is all about, and that the second calling of responsible Christian living is to serve the world around us.

“The place that we best serve humanity and better the world around us is through our workforce, the place that we have our jobs. Whatever career our students go into, we want them to truly understand this is what it means – do your job with excellence, and represent the Kingdom of God with how you serve others and how you articulate why you are a follower of Jesus Christ.”

There are many incredible tales of Lee Alumni who are bringing light to the world. If you would like to experience some of these stories, visit

Attendees at General Assembly may also learn more about Lee University in the Exhibit Hall. For those of you at home, you can visit their website at



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