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  • Ryan Faricelli

Take This Quiz and Feed a Child!

General Assembly is made possible through the help of many sponsors. We’re proud to have Simone’s Kids as one of them.

How much do you know about what children in Uganda are up against?

If you're reading this blog, you can help Simone’s Kids by taking a quick quiz to learn about the issues these children face. This quiz is free and informative, but most importantly, one meal will be donated to Simone’s Kids in the name of every person who completes the quiz! Take the quiz and provide a meal for one of Simone’s Kids now at

Simone’s Kids serves orphaned and impoverished children in Nakaseke, Uganda, who cannot afford an education. The organization’s two schools in Nakaseke provide students from preschool through high school a high-quality, Christ-centered education. They receive consistent meals through their Lunch Line program, and healthcare through an on-site medical clinic program.

The organization’s newest program is God’s Hope Vocational School. This extension of the high school offers students vocational training in practical trade skills. The school currently offers five programs of study: Tailoring, Hairdressing, Welding, Brick and Cement Work, and Mechanics.

Simone’s Kids began in 2010, inside a dorm room during founder Simone Puccinelli’s sophomore year of college. She received an email from Kayiire Godfrey, who was the founder an administrator of Gods Hope Primary School with his wife, Hope. The school had been formed in 2008 to assist orphans and needy children who remained in Nakaseke after the Cold War of Uganda from 1980 to 1985.

The email detailed the serious financial issues faced by the school. If the school could not raise $500 for rent, the students would be sent away without an education.

Simone created a fundraising campaign and was able to help the school. A short time later, she traveled to Uganda to visit the school and meet Godfrey and all of the students. During the visit, she realized that this was a divine connection and was something that she had to continue. Since then, she has devoted her life to helping those children through Simone’s Kids.

The mission continues through their new initiative, The Village. The Village is a group of dedicated contributors who give to Simone’s Kids on a recurring basic. These funds allow Simone’s Kids to provide higher quality care for the kids at school. This means better meals, more teachers, more activities, and even offering services that support them beyond graduation.

Learn more about Simone’s Kids in the Exhibit Hall at General Assembly, or visit their website at



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