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  • Ryan Faricelli

Resources You Can Trust

Church of God Publications is one of the many sponsors who help make General Assembly possible. They have been providing high-quality Christian publications for the Church of God and the general public for more than a century! They pride themselves on providing resources you can trust.

Church of God Publications began in 1910 as Church of God ministry of publications, printing the Church of God Evangel. Seven years later, they established their own printing and publishing facility and began the publication of Sunday school lesson materials for people of all ages.

They have grown to become the #1 provider of distinctively Pentecostal curriculum to the Church of God. Everything published by Church of God Publications is vetted to ensure it aligns with Church of God doctrine.

Today, Church of God Publications encompasses Pathway Press and Resources, Editorial Evangélical, and Dockins Graphics.

Pathway Press and Resources is the publishing arm of Church of God Publications. The Evangel, the Evangelical Sunday School Lessons Commentary, One Accord Sunday school materials for all ages, and the Church Hymnal are well-known and widely used products of Pathway. In addition, hundreds of Church of God authors have utilized their publishing services.

Editorial Evangélical is part of the Latin American Department of the Church of God and was established in 1945, publishing Sunday school lessons and The Gospel magazine. Today, Editorial Evangélica provides literary resources to all of Latin America, as well as Spanish-speaking Latinos in the United States and Canada.

Dockins Graphics is the printing and production facility for Church of God Publications. They offer the strength of a myriad of production choices, from on-demand digital color and book production to high quality and high volume offset production.

The mission of Church of God Publications is to serve the local churches, the pastors, and the leaders with resources you can trust.

This mission continues with One Accord Resources, a partnership between the Church of God, Church of God of Prophecy, and International Pentecostal Holiness Church. In 1997, these groups began working together to create fully Pentecostal materials for all ages and many languages. These materials help address the modern dilemma of Biblical illiteracy.

Using a scope and sequence approach, One Accord Resources creates curriculum that offers a well-planned and balanced diet of God’s Word. Students of all age levels move through the curriculum and receive a full view of the Bible, offering them a balanced understanding of the Bible’s content from cover to cover.

Those of you in attendance at General Assembly can find Church of God Publications in the Exhibit Hall. For those of you at home, you can visit their website at



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