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  • Ryan Faricelli

Slay the Giant

General Assembly is made possible through the generous partnerships we share with our sponsors, like Destiny Rescue.

Destiny Rescue was founded in 2001 by Tony Kirwan after a visit to Thailand revealed to him the horrors of the underground sex trade. Today, Destiny Rescue is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing children from sexual exploitation and trafficking, and helping them stay free.

Rescue agents work undercover in countries around the world to locate children trapped in sex trafficking and exploitation. Through covert individual rescues, law enforcement raids, community intervention, and border crossing stations, children are brought to freedom from these unspeakable situations.

Once rescued, the survivors’ immediate needs are met and their current situation is addressed. They are usually reunited with their families or placed in a safe shelter. When Destiny Rescue is involved in the survivors’ care after rescue, a member of their reintegration team develops an individualized path to freedom for the child. Each child is unique, and so is their path to freedom.

Currently operating in 10 countries, Destiny Rescue has rescued almost 10,000 children through their rescue operations and reintegration programs. By 2030, their goal is to be in 30 countries and to have rescued 100,000 children.

An estimated one million children are trapped in sexual slavery across the world. Local churches can help change this reality through Rescue Sunday.

Rescue Sunday is a program that provides pastors with everything they need to dedicate a worship service to understanding God’s heart for human trafficking and empowering the church to help rescue kids, keep them free, and lead them to Christ.

Destiny Rescue believes that when the church rises up, people find freedom. Through Rescue Sunday, pastors receive sermon examples, videos, access to coaches, and guidance on the language and verbiage to use when discussing this sensitive topic with their congregations.

Most importantly, the program equips churches with the opportunity, tools, and knowledge to be inspired to join the battle in prayer and action, bringing light to some of the darkest corners of the earth.

Slaying the giant of child trafficking starts with your local church hosting a Rescue Sunday. Find out more and launch your Rescue Sunday at



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