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  • Britain Miethe

Celebrating Women's Ministries

Today wasn’t just a Women’s Ministries service, it was a CELEBRATION, and we were so excited to rejoice alongside these women of God in San Antonio this morning!

Local San Antonio worship team Grupo Vida Abundante led us in worship, and we were joined by very special guests, and friends of the Church of God, Aaron & Amanda Crabb and Jonathan & Christy Sawyer.

Each Assembly Women’s Ministries joins together for a time of worship and the word, and this year was a truly memorable time together.

In memory of world-changing Church of God women, the Women’s Ministry Advisory Council, composed of Paula Hill, Peggy Culpepper, Joyce Stephens, Fernanda Ramirez and Debbier Childers, introduced the Hall of Honor.

For this inaugural Hall of Honor, each member of the council nominated one woman who has changed the Church of God and, through their Kingdom work, the world. The first class of the Hall of Honor included Annie Maude Price, Loida Camacho, Dorothy Crentsil, Maria Atkinson, and Carmelita Walker.

These honorees were and are known for their work such as community planting, starting prison ministries, establishing the first ever annual Women’s Ministries magazine, professorship, preaching at General Assembly, and leadership for future generations.

Not only did we honor the past, but Women’s Ministries launched into the future with their brand new ministry initiative, “Ukraine: The Journey Home.” This ministry will impact the lives of those Ukrainians who have had to live under such turmoil due to the war in their native country. At the launching of this initiative, Church of God Women’s Ministries has raised more than $10,000,000 for ministries worldwide!

We are so excited about the future of Women’s Ministries, and we are so excited for the future of the Church of God.

As our incredible guest Amanda Crabb said today, “Don’t get trapped in a midway point in your journey because we’re going all the way!”

Church, we’re going into the future together. Let’s celebrate all that Christ is doing.



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