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  • Ryan Faricelli

Equip the Next Generation with One Accord Resources

Many sponsors help to make the 78th international Church of God General Assembly possible, like Church of God Publications. This century-old institution is committed to publishing resources you can trust. As the #1 provider of distinctively Pentecostal curriculum to the Church of God, everything they publish is vetted to ensure it aligns with the Church of God doctrine.

One of the exciting projects Church of God Publications is a part of is One Accord Resources.

Several years ago, Church of God leaders met with other Pentecostal denominational leaders to explore the question, “what would happen if we united to disciple the next generation?” The result was a collaboration of resources in the planning, production, and promotion of Bible curriculum with a Pentecostal perspective.

For the first time in history, the Church of God, Church of God of Prophecy, International Pentecostal Holiness, and the Pentecostal Church of God denominations joined forces and and are all be utilizing the same student curriculum (toddler through high school) to equip the next generation!

One Accord Resource’s Children’s Curriculum, Heart Shapers, is designed to lead students on the most important journey of their lives: discovering God through His Word. Starting when they are toddlers, students will journey through the Bible five times before they reach 6th grade! In the process, kids not only explore God’s story, but discover how they fit into it.

To help teens feel seen and known in their church, their family, and their community, One Accord Resources offers the Seen student curriculum. This resource is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to discover the truth and wisdom found in God’s word while processing what they see in the world. Loaded with downloadable digital content, Seen helps youth leaders talk about difficult subjects and to walk alongside young people as they build confidence that God sees, knows, and deeply loves them too.

One Accord Resources exists with one specific goal – to create biblically minded, biblically grounded disciples of Christ one student at a time. As students of all age levels move through this curriculum, they receive a full view of the Bible, offering them a balanced understanding of the Bible’s content from cover to cover.

More information about One Accord Resources can be found online at

If you are attending General Assembly, you can find One Accord Resources in the Church of God Publications booth inside the Exhibit Hall. For those of you at home, you can visit their website at



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