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  • Britain Miethe

DAY 3 – The Locusts are but Signs of the Harvest

“Locusts destroy, but what triggers the swarm? Experts say locusts are grasshoppers transformed by drought. Pentecost is rain & growth ... and it attracts the locusts. If you're being attacked it's because God is unleashing a HARVEST in your field!”

With this powerful quote, Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero perfectly encapsulated the themes of the 2022 General Assembly so far.

On Tuesday, General Overseer Dr. Timothy Hill reminded us that “We have been through the brunt of a storm, caught between the currents of a culture gone wild and crisis around every turn. But God has a word … Grab hold of something and HOLD ON, Church of God!”

“One of the biggest indicators of your lack of leadership ability is how often you blame other people for your problems,” said Maury Davis at LEAD. “Don’t blame, SOLVE!”

Church - it’s no secret that it has been a difficult time since we were last together. It’s no secret that our fields have been destroyed in every way since 2020. But as we are being reminded this week, IT IS NO SECRET THAT OUR HARVEST IS COMING!

“The locusts may be harvest destroyers, but the gates of Hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against the Church!” declared the Salgueros.

So Church, we must ask ourselves - are we worried about the locusts, or do we stand in the promise of the harvest? Do we panic in the storm, or do we obediently continue working for the future?

Do we give in, complain, and abandon hope?


We must never, we will never, lose our praise.

So Church, whether you sit in San Antonio or you join us in spirit from across the globe, the message is clear.

We are a church on mission. We are a church with a calling. We are meant to stand in the storm, to stare down the locusts, and step into the harvest we are called to.

I’m ready for the Kingdom harvest.

Are you?



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